Ever since Balochistan became a part of Pakistan, the province that makes 44% of Pakistan’s total area still remains a mystery to the whole world. The mineral-rich ingenious and gifted lands of Balochistan have a side that trumps its resourcefulness; that side is astonishing and mind-boggling beauty, catering travelers to the top attractions of Balochistan. Since many Pakistanis have traveled to Balochistan or know much about the province, the tourist attractions usually go unnoticed and unseen. However, the locals of the province, make sure they benefit from the picturesque landscapes and mountains of the gold-laden province.

Nova Russas Pir Ghaib

Pir Ghaib Falls, Bolan – This is an awe-inspiring view of Pir Ghaib, Balochistan. Locals here believe in the myth of the Invisible Saint, who was saved by the Almighty after a wicked King’s men attacked him. The Saint struck Moola Chotok

Moola Chotok, Khuzdar – This tourism deprived sight is known as Moola Chotok in Khuzdar, Balochistan. Amidst stronghold of nationalists in the Jhalawan belt, Chotok seemed like a lost cause at first. Ever since the

Quaid-e-Azam Residency

Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Ziarat – Father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent his days of affliction in this wooden cottage in Ziarat, Balochistan. Definitely one of the top tourist attractions of Pakistan.

Hannah Jheel

The Hannah Jheel, Quetta – This is how the Hannah Lake looks in winters, frozen, frosted and astounding. This is where people from all over Pakistan go first when they visit Quetta. Only about 18km away from the city,


Waadi-e-Bolan, Bolan, Balochistan – Waadi-e-Bolan is a long stretch of a mountain gorge with blue waters running in-between. The place has historical and picturesque importance. It was where the first railway system

Hingol Nationa Park

Hingol Nationa Park, Hingol, Balochistan – Exotic looking mountains, rare and exotic animals including the Markhor and several others of the deer family, surrounded by shallow blue waters. This place is a tourist

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach, Kund Malir, Balochistan – The Kund Malir Beach is one of the most exotic beaches and definitely one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. In the last couple of years, a lot of people who started traveling

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa, Jhal Magsi, Balochistan – An oasis in the middle of nowhere. An astonishing natural habitat amid desert plains with a mythical story to follow. The awe-inspiring oasis caters to thousands

Astola Island

Astola Island, Gwadar/Pasni – Astola Island, also known as Gezira Haft Talar Satadip or ‘Island of the Seven Hills’, is a small uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea. Also, the largest island in Pakistan is the epitome

Jhal Magsi Desert

Jhal Magsi, Balochistan – Famous for its desert safari and the yearly desert rally, caters huge crowds and sponsors every year. Rally enthusiasts from all over Pakistan round-up in one place to stay till the rally ends.

Princess of Hope

Driving a mere 15 minutes ahead and you will find yourself in front of the iconic Princess of Hope. With her arms wrapped around herself, the Princess of Hope stands tall amid edgy mountains. The rock formation is famous

Hinglaj Mata

In the Hinglaj Park is one of the oldest Hindu temples built for goddess Nani Mata. The temple is thousands of years old and if you visit you can hear stories told over those thousand years. If you want to spend a day exploring

Gondrani Caves

Another masterpiece of nature is just three hours away. The Gondrani Caves are thousands of years old and spread over 20km of land. If you’re interested in archaeological sites, these caves are the place for you. Only 500 caves are left.

Urak Valley

We know with every name that we are mentioning here, this piece is getting more interesting. Urak Valley is another mind-blowing tourist spot in the province of Balochistan. It is found close to the city of Quetta. With fresh spring water


Ziarat, which is also the capital town of Ziarat District, stands among the most beautiful places to visit in Balochistan. The valley of Ziarat is also famous for Quaid-e-Azam Residency, aka Ziarat Residency, which is also one of the most famous landmarks

Hazargangi-Chiltan National Park

One of the most amazing places to visit in Balochistan offering the breathtaking natural beauty of Balochistan with views of dry mountains is Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park. It is located in the Mastung district. Established in the 1980s, this

Shrine of Baba Kharwar

The Shrine of Baba Farid is a 13th-century Sufi shrine located in Pakpattan, Pakistan, that is dedicated to the Sufi mystic Fariduddin Ganjshakar, popularly known as Baba Farid. The shrine is one of the most important in Pakistan and was


Sibi is a district in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The main mountain ranges are Zen, Bambore, and Dungan. The climatic and topography of the Sibi District are quite varied compared to other districts of Balochistan. It is also known


Mehrgarh is a Neolithic site, which lies in the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan, Pakistan. Mehrgarh is located near the Bolan Pass, to the west of the Indus River valley and between the present-day Pakistani cities of Quetta, Kalat, and Sibi.

Chutair Valley

After 13 km from Ziarat on way to Loralai is the beautiful Chutair valley. It is a 30 minutes drive to Chutair from Ziarat. There are green picnic spots in the valley. There is also a rest house in case one wants to stay longer. The crude and rustic

Sandeman Tangi

A tangi is a narrow cleft carved through a limestone ridge over millions of years by flowing water. A few such clefts are sprinkled around Ziarat. Lying just outside Ziarat town, Sandeman Tangi, with a steady flow of visitors, is not the best of


Some 200 kilometers west of Karachi in the vicinity of Hingol National Park Area exists a rare natural wonder – The Great Mud Volcanoes of Balochistan, called Chandragup Mud Volcanoes. There are known to be as many as 21 mud volcanoes

Hub Dam

Hub Dam is a reservoir on the Hub River. It is situated 56 km from Karachi city in Karachi and Lasbela Districts on Sindh and Balochistan provinces border. The dam is extended to 24300 acres with a gross storage capacity of 857000-acre

Gadani Beach

Gadani Beach is a beach on the Arabian Sea located near the Hub River and Cape Monze in Gadani, Lasbela District, Balochistan, Pakistan. Gadani Beach is the location of the Gadani ship-breaking yard, which is one of the world’s largest

Churna Island

Churna is an Island located 6.8 km northwest of Mubarik Goth beach and approx 8 km West of Hub Power Plant. It measures 1270 meters from N to S and 945 meters at the widest point. The island is uninhabited as there is no fresh water source

Makran Coastal Range

Makran Coastal Range is a mountain range in the Makran region, in the southwestern section of Balochistan Province, in southwestern Pakistan. It is one of three ranges in the mountain ranges system. The range rises to around 1,500 meters

Ahsan Beach

Ahsan Beach is a beach in Pakistan. The water temperature around Ahsan Beach changes moderately during the year. The temperature ranges from 22.7°C (72.9°F) in February up to 29°C (84.1°F) in the month of July, as shown in the graph below.

Spin Karez

‘Karez’ is a local irrigation system that works as a water reservoir/source. ‘Spin’ means white in Pashto. The actual karez lies somewhere around the small lake which is now called Spin Karez and this is the main attraction. The reflection

Gwadar West Bay Beach

Gwadar in Pakistan Balochistan Gwadar district southwest of the Arabian Sea coast. Like Ormara further east, Gwadar is situated in a natural hammerhead-shaped peninsula forming two almost perfect, but the natural bent on both sides, namely

Great Sphinx

Concealed within the desolate, rocky landscape of the Makran coastline of Southern Balochistan, Pakistan, is an architectural gem that has gone unnoticed and unexplored for centuries. The ‘Balochistan Sphinx’, as it is popularly called,


Among the many striking mountains in the Balochistan province, there is Koh-e-Chiltan. The stunning mountain is 3,194 meters (10,479 ft) high. It is located in the provincial capital, Quetta. It is the third highest peak in Quetta and the fifth-highest

Kalat Fort(Meeri)Balochistan

The state of Kalat was founded in 1666. Khanate as a Sovereign state reached its peak during the period of Naseer Khan 1, who unified all the Baloch areas of the region under his Flag. The state remained independent until the British interfered in

Zarghun Ghar Mountain

Zarghun Ghar is the highest peak of Baluchistan. Zarghun Ghar or Zarghoon Mountains is a mountain range located in the east of Quetta District, in Province, western Pakistan. The Zarghun Ghar range’s highest peak is Loy Saar Naikan, at

Surbandar Beachside

This is a list of beaches in Pakistan which are notable. Pakistan’s southern coastline meets the Arabian Sea, running along with the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. It is a very beautiful beach for tourists to enjoy the sunset view.


Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea opposite Oman. Gwadar was an overseas possession of Oman from 1783 to 1958. It is about 120 kilometers

Pinjra Bridge

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Qila Miri

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Kharan Desert

The Kharan Desert is located in Northwest Balochistan. It makes a natural boundary between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. It is located in Kharan District. The Kharan Desert is a sandiest desert in Pakistan. It is distinct from the rest