El Charco CEO Message

The Exploring Pakistan is the leading project of Warsi Entrepreneurs and also one of the rising platforms of Pakistan in the Tourism Industry. We welcome all the people across and outside Pakistan to uncover its natural grace. The word Terrorism and Tourism has many similarities in pronunciation but having a huge difference in its meaning. Over the last 20 years, our people, its economy, and natural beauty are widely damaged not by the word terrorism but its real activities. Now the country and its masses are changing this widely known word terrorism into peace and tourism. There is no room for terror and its activities. Pakistan is now a peaceful and peace-loving country. We will never forget those people and our armed forces who have laid down their lives to secure the homeland. Every region of Pakistan depicts a unique cultural identity and characteristics which need to be explored. We invite wholeheartedly all the people who have concerns over Pakistan to change their narrative of a terrorist country to the best tourist country.