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Pakistan Festivals are a blend of culture and heritage which Pakistan supports is the reason why it brings color and majesty to its land all time round.

With authentic dances, music, and dazing attires, some of these renowned festivals of Pakistandefinitely should make it to every substance’s must-attend list. Sibi Festival

The advent of the event took place in the 15th century when the tribes in Balochistan decided to meet together in Sibi, annually. The tradition successfully continued through the 17th century and the event takes place today still.

However, today the Sibi festival occurs not only to further the discussions of the tribes but to develop camel, horse, and cattle breeding, as well as promote handicrafts made by the local Balochi men and women.

The festival also holds various tournaments and exhibitions. The Sibi mela is one of the festivals of Pakistan which takes place for almost a week in mid-February when it marks the beginning of spring in the country.

Cẩm Phả Mines Mela Chiraghan

The festival of Chiraghan is one of the major events which takes place in Shalimar Garden, Lahore. Mela Chiraghan is also one of the festivals of Pakistan and should not be missed when it is arranged in March for three consecutive days, every year.

History tells us that this particular festival is celebrated to mark the Urs of a Punjabi Sufi poet with the name of Shah Hussain. The event is attended by thousands of people from around the country despite which religion they belong to, and are there to enjoy one of the most colorful and joyful events.

There are singing and dancing, all types of cultural foods to indulge in such as the infamous Gol gappas, qatlamas, and sweetmeats, in addition to the moment when thousands of people light candles which are placed in clay pots.

The festivities carry on through the night as the rotating dervishes dance to the beats of the drums while keeping the audience entranced.

Shandur Polo Festival

Another famous festival in Pakistan is the Shandur Polo Festival, which people keenly await every year. The festival takes place from 7th to 9th July annually on top of Shandur Pass which is around 3,700 meters above sea level.

The event marks rivalry between the two teams of Gilgit and Chitral who face off in a polo match, a match thousands of people come to witness. A few other attractions that the festival offers include folk music, folk dance, mountaineering, trout fishing, hiking trekking, and of course, horseback riding!

Come around to experience a festival surrounded by the most spectacular view of the snow-laden mountains, alpine flowers, crystal-like lakes, and stretched green grass.


Utchal is a summer festival which is organized by the people of Kalash and takes place from 18th to 21st August in the valley of Kalash, located in Chitral.

This particular festival is celebrated to mark the harvest of wheat and barley in the region, and is an event filled with joy, laughter, dancing, and singing and not to forget feasting! Another Pakistani cultural festival you might not want to miss experiencing.

Lok Mela

The largest cultural activity in Pakistan is the annual National Folk Festival, held in October each year. Over the past two decades, this festival has taken on an international flavor and more than 20 different countries have sent their artisans and performers to participate in the festival.

Nationally, the festival has become a thing of pride for artisans and performers, who come on their own to participate. Most important of all, the Provinces of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir put up beautifully decorated pavilions and visitors have the unique opportunity to see an assortment of Pakistan’s traditionally rich culture in the federal capital of Islamabad for an exciting ten days.

An exhibition of artisans at work under the banner of the Heritage Museum forms the core of this festival. The Research & Media Centre of Lok Virsa arranges groups of dancers that perform all over the festival grounds, inviting visitors to join in, and in the evening, arranges music concerts from all parts of Pakistan.

Documentation of the festival is carried out by Lok Virsa’s researchers, who interview all the artisans and artists.

National Horse & Cattle Show

This particular show is known to take place in the heart of Punjab, Lahore. The horse and Cattle Show is held at Fortress Stadium at the beginning of November and continues for five consecutive days.

The show brings together the breeders of these horses and cattle from around the country who showcase the best breeds of their livestock. The event is also marked by cattle races/dances, tent pegging, folk music/dances, and folk games.

The national horse and cattle show eloquently describes the expression of Pakistan’s heritage and is a must to attend.


Jashan-e-Larkana is celebrated in the last week of the month of February. The event is organized in Larkana Sindh. It is a three-day festival where different competitions are held and traditional sports like kabaddi are played.

A trade fair is also set up where Sindhi handicrafts and traditional dresses and jewelry are sold. A festival in Pakistan not to be missed indeed.

Navroz Festival

The word Navroz has been derived from the Persian Nav and Roz – Nav meaning new and Roz day, respectively. As a whole, Navroz means the new day of the year.

The tradition marks the first day of the spring or equinox and the beginning of the New Year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward Equinox which falls accurately on the 21st of March every year.

Navroz is an event of joy for a group of Ithna Asheri followers. It is a day when people choose a color theme on the day of the festival and abide by it every year. It is a festival in Pakistan when the tables are set with delicious food and other items.

The tradition of Navroz is being celebrated by people belonging to different religious and ethnic backgrounds for thousands of years.

According to traditions festival of Navroz has its roots in ancient Persia since Achaemedians (550-330 BC), but tradition has also become an essential part of many Muslim societies throughout the world. Some traditions indicate that the festival began with Zoroaster.


Pakistan stands out among all the South Asian countries by being the most diverse country which incorporates different cultures in it; represents different ethnic groups, speaks different languages, and follows different rituals.

One of the festivals celebrated nationwide is Jashn-e-Shikarpur. The people of Pakistan do not only follow their cultures themselves but they feel glorified in celebrating and presenting their cultures to other people so that people get to know about their traditions and their rituals and appreciate them.

Another Pakistani festival that is a must-attend is the famous Jashan-e-Shikarpur held in the month of February/March every year. The festival is organized in a district in Sindh province under the name of Shikarpur.

The event represents the culture of the said area and is typically marked with a traditional sports competition, an exhibition of handicrafts, folk music, and dances.

Joshi or Chilimjusht

The people of Kalash have a strong sense of identity and therefore hold a number of festivals all year round in order to parade and promote their way of living amongst all the other tribes present in the northern region of Pakistan.

Joshi This is celebrated in May and welcomes the coming of spring in the region, it is hence a spring festival for the people of Kalash. During this time, people wear new clothes, women heavily accessorize, while the girls dance and sing.

Houses are decorated, milk is collected from the cattle and even the newborn babies and their mothers are purified in this festival. In short, it is a festival to look out for and attend at least once in your lifetime.


Chowmas is an event that takes place in the valley of Kalash near Chitral during the wintertime. It is one of the kinds of festivals in Pakistan. The festivities are mostly restricted indoors due to the cold weather.

This festival started on December 7 to welcome the new year and to celebrate the autumn season of the scenic valley. This festival celebrates simultaneously in three valleys of Rumbor, Birir, and Bumborate.

During the annual festival which is celebrated every year in the winter season Kalash men and women perform a folk dance which is a part of their worship, they sacrifice animals like Muslims sacrificing an animal on Eidul Azha and they offer Dua for a new year to be good luck for them.

Hence during the Chatarmas festival, Kalash does not allow any Muslim three days to enter neither the valley nor any Kalsh who come from outside they kill their animal from the backside not slaughter them its meat is distributed among them and drink local wine jointly.

Hence there are some other mysterious customs, habits, and events of Kalash people who are not performing openly. Hence on the final day of the festival Kalash which has a very unique culture and rare generation of the world together and performs a dance at their dance places.

Their men beat the drum and their religious leaders which are called Qazi sing religious and historical songs and their relatives put rupees notes on their caps.

Karakoram Car Rally

The Karakoram car rally is one of the most thrilling festivals of Pakistan which was initiated in order to promote the northern areas of Pakistan and the Karakoram highway. The rally is organized every year and usually starts from Islamabad.

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is a rally raid type of off-road race, organized by the TDCP in Pakistan. The event is annually run in the Cholistan Desert venue. It was first introduced in 2005 by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab.

The event is run by the Government of Punjab. The rally initiates near the Derawar Fort in Ahmadpur East Tehsil. Around 100 drivers and teams from all over Pakistan participate and almost 100,000 visitors witness it every year.

The word “Jeep” in the name of the rally has nothing to do with the car company “Jeep”. This rally is not sponsored by or for the exclusive use of Jeep vehicles.

In Pakistan, the name/word Jeep has been used interchangeably for off-road vehicles or SUVs. It is not uncommon to hear phrases like “I have a Toyota Land Cruiser jeep”, or “I drive a Nissan Patrol jeep”.

The purpose to hold this event in the heart of the Cholistan desert is to show the outside world its history and rich culture and open this area as a winter tourist destination. It is anticipated that the event will receive widespread projection in print and electronic media.